“Get a solid picture of your future and nurture it so much that you will feature in it.”

#MyMorningMuse #WithMuyiwaOludayo #Dream

“If you will not stop working on your dreams, you will not stop finding opportunities to give them expression.”

#MyMorningMuse #WithMuyiwaOludayo #Diligence

@Do a little more than you have done before and make such commitment a constant; and you will see remarkable changes in your life.”

#MyMorningMuse #WithMuyiwaOludayo #Drive

“Make choices that require you to abstain, delay, deny, or free from the things that can corrupt your character and weaken the effect of your competence.”

#MyMorningMuse #WithMuyiwaOludayo #Discipline

“If you will not believe the possibilities of your potential, you will never achieve the dreams of your mind.”

#MyMorningMuse #WithMuyiwaOludayo #Faith

“Meaningful effort is measured by its contribution to the realization of goals and objectives.”

#MyMorningMuse #WithMuyiwaOludayo #Effort

“If you will forgo the consideration of the hurts in your life, you’ll find it easy to spot opportunities to support others on your life.”

#MyMorningMuse #WithMuyiwaOludayo #Forgiveness

“Until you put yourself in a position that considers the weight of other people’s experiences, your help to them will be short-lived.”

#MyMorningMuse #WithMuyiwaOludayo #Empathy

“Your dream is a possibility of what can be. It requires you to start working for the chances of its realisation to be high.”

#MyMorningMuse #WithMuyiwaOludayo #Commence

Dr. Olumuyiwa Akinrole Oludayo

Dr. Olumuyiwa Oludayo is committed to: Serve By Connecting to Value. | Maximise Human Potential to Deliver Results | Support Others to Reach their Goals | GROW

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